Lesson 13 - Part A



Using the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR)
Points: 50

This assignment is designed to familiarize yourself with the PDR. The PDR is a valuable tool for the nurse. It supplies answers to all questions that may come up during administration of many medications.

There are Nurse’s PDRs, designed to be more concise and less complicated. Purchasing one for yourself would be an invaluable investment.

Here is your Assignment:


For the following drug list, find the following information in a PDR:


  • Brand Name(s)
  • Actions
  • Uses
  • Side Effects (3 of them)
  • Contraindications (2 of them)




Drug List:


·        Amoxicillin

·        Cephalexin

·        Doxycycline hyclate

·        Ceftriaxone sodium

·        Acyclovir sodium





Send this assignment to your instructor upon completion. Your instructor will email your score within 1-3 days.