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STEP 2 of 2 - Tuition Payment (PayPal)


We have recieved your enrollment information. You may now proceed to make your tuition payment.

FALL SPECIAL: Must enroll BEFORE 10/31/11

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FALL SEASON - Back To School Special:
FULL TUITION is $350. Two (2) separate payments are processed. First tuition payment of $175 is paid to enroll. The final payment of $175 is processed 2 months (60 days) later. Tuition includes ALL fees and materials needed to complete the program.

Once tuition is verified, you will receive an email containing your PASSWORD needed to access the material. This may take a few hours. If you do not receive an email, please feel free to contact us.
NOTE: Each student is manually enrolled into the program by the instructor -- once tuition is verified. This may take SEVERAL HOURS. You will recieve an email from the instructor once enrollment is complete. To ensure this enrollment email does not go into your JUNK MAIL folder, please set your email account to accept emails from: 

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