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Enrollement : Tuition via Check (mail)



You have chosen to pay your tuition via check.

FULL TUITION is $400. Two (2) separate payments are processed. First tuition payment of $200 is paid to enroll. The final payment of $200 is due 2 months (60 days) later. Tuition includes ALL fees and materials needed to complete the program.

Once tuition is verified, you will receive an email containing your PASSWORD needed to access the material. You will be contacted by the instructor once your check is received.


1. Please include your contact information, including e-mail address, along with your check.

2. Make check payable to: Mr. A.P. APOSTOL

3. Mail Check to:

California Academy of Healthcare
Attn: A. Apostol
1060 Worlds Fair Park Dr # 23
Knoxville, TN 37916

4. Print out copy of the form below and include with check.

THIS FORM IS FOR ENROLLMENT ONLY. Please Fill Out ONLY if you will be submitting tuition to enroll: FULL NAME
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Select Payment Option:Initial Tuition Credit Card Payment
Personal Check/Cashiers Check (via Mail)
Course Enrolling In:
Education / Work Experience (including years of experience and individual departments i.e. Internal Medicine, Med Surg, Pedi, ER)
Referred By: (optional)
Additional Comments:
I agree with the listed "terms of use" and wish to enroll in the program. (Terms of use available at the top of this page)